HSC Scoring:


When researching a project consider each aspect of the project in turn in relation to the questions below. Note that resources have been provided where applicable to help in your research, however, this is not an exhaustive list so be sure to find additional, relevant information elsewhere. Then, after you are confident in your findings, add your rating on a scale of 1-5 based on the research you have conducted (where 1 is less and 5 is more favourable/agree).

After completing/submitting the form another window will open with the scores both summarized and visualized (overall and by domain). For more info and additional support sites (specifically for considering DeFi smart-contracts/projects) see the links below.

Doing Your Own Research: How-To Guide
TokenSniffer: Smart-Contract Review
RugScreen: Smart-Contract Review
Certik: Smart-Contract Audits

Section Key Question(s) Resources Score
Social Media How active is the community online? Are people talking about the Project? Is it quality content?

CoinGecko Social Summary

Social Channels: Discord, Telegram, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook etc.

Search Trends Are others researching the project and where/when is most of the activity?

Google Trends

Industrial Rating What does an independent review think of the technology on the project and adoption?

Weiss Crypto Rating

Token Insight

Crypto Ranking

Development How active is the project team’s development?

CoinGecko Development Summary

Global Messages How engaged is the project team with the community and what is the content of the current messages?

Project Website, Whitepaper, Press Releases etc.

Track Record
Section Key Question(s) Resources Score
Road-map Achievements What are the long-term goals of the project and have the team achieved (on target) previous goals?

Project Website, Whitepaper, Press Releases etc.

News and Blogs Site: Publish0x, FX Street, Medium etc.

CoinGecko News Summary

Market Cap/Price Growth What is the current market position of the project and in which direction does it seem to be moving?

CoinGecko Project Summary

Token Insight

Trading View Charts

User Base Does the project have a core app and, if so, how many users/downloads do they have?


Partnerships With whom have the project team forged strategic partnerships and is this list growing?

Project Website, Whitepaper, Press Releases etc.

News and Blogs Site: Publish0x, FX Street, Medium etc.

Project Team Who makes up the project team, what are their roles/background and is it well rounded?

Project Website, Whitepaper, Press Releases etc.

Section Key Question(s) Resources Score
Investment Rating How do experts assess the project from an investment standpoint, where are the strengths and weaknesses?

Weiss Crypto Ratings

Available Exchanges and Trading Volume What is the trading volume like, what are the top trading pairs, are the listed exchanges recognizable and reputable?

CoinGecko Project Summary

InToTheBlock Summary

Associated costs/value If there was an ICO how has it performed? Additionally, how do trading/swapping/withdrawal costs look?

InToTheBlock Summary

ICO Drops

Chain analysis and Bitcoin Correlation How active is the network and how correlated is the project with Bitcoin?

InToTheBlock Summary

Crypto Ranking On-Chain Activity Analytics

Historic price Action/ Trends/ Indicators What is the recent market sentiment, and potentially market direction, like?

CoinGecko Project Summary

Weiss Crypto Ratings

News and Blogs Site: Publish0x, FX Street, Medium etc.

InToTheBlock Summary


Active Participation
Section Key Question(s) Resources Score
Holdings Do you already hold some of these coins/tokens, how does it look relative to your total holdings?

Your Wallets

Earnings Are there currently any ways that you could earn more on your investment for this coin (out with trading)?


Passive interest earnings

Farming Tokens

Providing Liquidity

Usuage Are you currently actively, or do you plan, using the coin/token for their purpose? Or is it just speculative?

Buying/swapping for gift cards

Convert to Fiat and Spend via Card


Discounted trading fees

Opinions Based on the response to all the previous questions what is your opinion about the project?

What does your gut tell you


Please be aware that any finding/decisions made while using this tool do not constitiute financial advice. You are solely responsible for your own decision making. This tool is provided for informational purposes only.