Over the past few years, I’ve become a keen enthusiast of cryptocurrencies. This interest extends mostly toward learning about how blockchains work, what role we have as end users and how we can contribute to the growth of this industry/community. When I first started out learning about mining I tried NiceHash, I liked the idea that you could just point and click and let it do the rest. However, as time went on, I realised that the real fun is having a go at things yourself. In making mistakes, surfing endless help guides and figuring out how it all works in a ‘learn by doing’ approach.

The result of all this work lead me to stumble across a blogging site (Publish0x) that allowed a great platform for me to take the ideas I was learning about and bring them together in a straightforward way that could reach other like-minded crypto-heads. As such a result I’ve published a range of How-To Guides aimed at beginners. The goal of these guides is to help you go through the key steps needed to undertake similar projects. The end result, while not likely to make you rich in pocket, I hope will expand your understanding of the processes underpinning one of the most interesting and diverse technological developments in recent history.

Remember all these articles and project guides are provided for educational purposes only and I do not accept responsability for any issues that result from downloading items to your computers from unknown sources. Always make sure you secure your personal data effectively and, if you’re reading this as an expert and spot ay mistakes in my work please comment on the relevant blog post and I’ll address the issues as soon as possible.

Until then: Hope you enjoy the guides, good luck y’all!

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