Referrals and Bonus':

As you will be aware referrals are a way to secure newer business for companies. However, there is no reason that we cannot make the most of these to help build a passive crypto balance. Please feel welcome to share these links with others. Though I imagine after signing up you'll like want to share your own. Thanks for the support!

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Referal Programs

Referral Benefits
Presearch Presearch pairs nicely with Brave and allows passive a passive income of PRE tokens. In addition, for using the referral both you and I get 25 PRE tokens.
Hodlnaut Hodlenaut allows users to earn interest (up to 7.46% apy on BTC currently) on 6 main assets BTC, wBTC, ETH, DAI, USDC and USDT. Interest compounds weekly, there is no minimum deposit to get started and no lock-in of funds. If you use this referral link and deposit $1000 of any asset you will get $20 BTC instantly.
Cake DeFi A newcomer to the crypto-finance world, cake offer unparalled transparancy as well as opening up liquidity mining and masternode options. Use code and deposit $50 of any asset to get $50 DFI bonus instantly.
Nexo Where most other platforms offer weekly or monthly interest Nexo goes one better and provides daily compounding interest on their supported assets. Furthermore, if you stake some of their won tokens you can access even better rates. Use the referral link above to sign up and complete verification. Then top up $100 or more of any supported asset you’ll both get $10 worth of BTC. This is an excellent platform for fiat earning, putting the traditional bank savings accounts to shame. If you are looking for a trading/saving site and have a decent amount of crypto already then this is an excellent choice. We both get a massive $50 in MCO tokens on sign-up. They also ahve some of the best intrest earnings on cryptocurrencies for passive saving. Use the referral code: 689bz2r6w4.
Binance Binance is a well known trading platform with a vast number of both BTC and ETH pairs. I have personally adjusted this referral to make sure that both you and I would receive 10% back from Trading Fees.
Koinly The easiest way I've found to do Crypto Taxes. Koinly calculates your cryptocurrency taxes and helps you reduce them for next year. Simple & Reliable. $20 off your first plan.
ChangeNow ChangeNOW is a secure exchange without lengthy setups. Unfortunately, there is no bonus to the referee for this one. However, if you choose to use the exchange I would receive a small portion (0.4%) of the fees back.
Publish0x The bulk of my blogging is via Publish0x, this is a great platform for getting invoved in the crypto community and keeping up to date with the latest news/developments. If you choose to signup using this link I would gain 5% back from all the tips you give to authors.