This site is undergoing a transformation. The goal is to reduce my exposure to, and encouragement of, the amplification of noise. Instead choosing to focus solely on efforts that further the development and support of the Bitcoin ecosystem. The road to this place has been some time in the making. Over time I hope to provide a suitable resource to provide uninterrupted signal, because why would we need anything else....Bitcoin is enough!

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Earn sats

Link About Great podcast platform to learn about Bitcoin and earn sats while you listen. I recommend: Bitcoin Audible and Café Bitcoin as great places to get regulare content.
sMiles If you are healthy person who likes to get their steps in each day then why not get your sats in as well. Fitness tracker with some free faucets and sats while you walk.
Swan Bitcoin Hands down the best places to stack your dollar cost averaged BTC. Swan are a brokerage that focus on providing Bitcoin only content/services to the masses. I use them to DCA each week and have it automatically send any funds to cold storage. This is the easiest way to save in Bitcoin!